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    ELCIC National Bishop?Susan Johnson and Anglin Church of nada Archbishop Linda Nicholls have written to the church in advance of World Food Day, on Sunday, October 16. Resources are available within.

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    Anglin Foundation of nada pledges $25K to Indigenous youth for CLAY 2023

    The Anglin Foundation of nada (AFC) has announced a $25,000.00 grant in support of Indigenous youth for attendance at the 2023 nadian Lutheran Anglin Youth Gathering (CLAY: Ashes & Embers).

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    Flooding in Pakistan crisis appeal

    The ELCIC through its partnership with CLWR lls on its members?to consider donating to those suffering from tastrophic flooding in Pakistan.

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    Season of Creation runs September 1 Through October 4

    Season of Creation runs from September 1 through October 4, 2022. This year’s theme is ‘Listen to the voice of creation‘. This is an opportunity?to affirm the Lutheran World Federation’s commitment to address climate change through liturgy, prayer and action.

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    ELCIC National Bishop writes to the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations

    ELCIC National Bishop Susan C. Johnson has written to the Minister of Crown–Indigenous Relations, The Honourable Marc Miller, MP,?encouraging resolution of the Stoney Knoll First Nation land claim. Bishop Johnson’s full message n be found within.

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    Bruce Cook elected as Vice-Chair

    Bruce Cook was elected Vice-Chair of the ELCIC at the 2022 National Convention. He served on National Church Council since 2013 as a member of the finance committee. Cook is a registered nurse by training and has worked in the insurance industry for many years.

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    2022 ELCIC Praise Appeal

    Congregations across nada are invited to designate one Sunday to highlight the 2022 ELCIC Praise Appeal and the wider work and ministry of the National Church.

    The ELCIC Praise Appeal helps support important National Office ministries while building and maintaining relationships with ELCIC partner churches. 

    Ecumenil & International Life

    The Ecumenil Shared Ministry Handbook shares best-practices and collective wisdom on how lol communities and congregations might worship, serve and witness together. 

    A revised edition has just been released.

    Faith & Worship

    Worship. – the worship website of the ELCIC – offers various resources for those leading, assisting and attending services.

    The webpage also contains content for annual and seasonal celebrations throughout the church year, and more!

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